Elizabeth Anderson

Meet Elizabeth Anderson!

My name is Elizabeth Anderson I am a home schooled student who has participated in student leadership for the Masterworks Academy Science Club for the 2012/2013 school year.  In my free time I enjoy bird watching along with painting different animals. Painting birds has always been one of my favorites, because of the complexity in their wings and their mass variety. For fun I enjoy Scottish Highland Dancing and hiking around different wildlife reserves with my family such as the Consumnes River Preserve and different places around the American River. In 2011 I participated in the Nature Bowl Competition sponsored by the California Department of Fish and Game. It is a competition where students compete in their knowledge of the local flora and fauna of the Sacramento region at a fish hatchery and at Sacramento State University. I love and enjoy science which is why I wanted to be a student leader in the Masterworks Academy Science Club.  It is different from other science clubs in that it teaches that God in His infinite wisdom created the universe. I think it is a great opportunity to learn and study science with the experienced and educated leaders of Masterworks Academy.